Don’t wait until
disaster happens

Consolidated disaster preparedness = faster business recovery

What is the Pharmacy Disaster Support Center?

Independent community pharmacy owners now have a new integrated resource for consolidating their disaster preparedness, response, and recovery procedures. This integration will result in a faster business recovery after calamity. The Pharmacy Disaster Support Center was created with the goal of helping pharmacy owners minimize business interruption from a natural disaster or other adverse event. The center is supported by the National Community Pharmacists Association Foundation and Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company.

Why participate in the program?

Enrollees of the Pharmacy Disaster Support Center will benefit from a streamlined communication process during the chaotic aftermath of a calamity and appreciate having a centralized hub for insurance and vendor contacts. What’s more, the non-financial business data collected during the enrollment process will help in the coordination of assistance that’s specific to your unique business operation needs.

Disaster Preparedness, Response And Recovery

Strengthen your business continuity procedures